Your Go-to Source for Finger Joint Products and More

Find the right replacement and rebuildable parts for your machinery by turning to Ziegelmeyer. Our manufacturing business sells all sorts of Finger Joint products. Learn more about the parts we have for sale below.

Chain Links

Enhance your confidence in your system by installing our chain links. From the pins and bushings to the wear pads our products are completely rebuildable. We have replaced the standard 1/2" pin with a stronger 9/16" pin. This alternative increases the surface area by 11% and the shear strength by 55,000 lbs.

Drive Sprockets

At our company, our goal is to simplify your millwork requirements and save you time and money. For this reason, we have designed rebuildable drive and tail sprockets that do just that. Our durable products are priced reasonably, to keep things affordable for you.

When you purchase our drive sprockets, you only have to worry about changing your wear pads and teeth periodically. This means you won't have to buy another sprocket.

Dual-Roller Chain clutch Sprockets

If you're looking to buy dual-roller chain sprockets that can prevent wrecks, we have you covered. We sell parts that you'll be able to modify easily and quickly. Our chain sprockets also have a built-in clutch and are available in various sizes.

Conner Feeder

Chain Conversion Systems

Get all of the products above for an affordable price by purchasing one of our chain conversion kits. These packages include everything you need for virtually every type of finger jointer on today's market. We can also install the system for you.

Pressure Head System

In a continuing effort to improve our products, we have completely redesigned our air hold down system. Our team has developed a new, quick-change pressure head system. This new design doesn't have an airbag attached at the ends, eliminating the need to remove the end caps.

Additionally, the side housing of the system can be removed quickly. Changing the airbag typically takes 20 to 40 minutes. By using our new product, you'll have the ability to change it within 3 to 5 minutes. The airbag can be replaced without removing any other components. As a result, the nomar strips and end caps stay in place.

Additional Products

Aside from the parts, systems, and machines mentioned above, we have many other products available, including the following:

  • Lugs
  • Glue Rolls
  • Chain Guide Bed Rails
  • Insert Rails
  • Doctor Blocks
  • Dust Collection Hoods
  • Nomar Strips
  • Replacements Components (for Roller Chain Sprockets)