about us

Founded over 50 years ago, Ziegelmeyer in Medford, Oregon, is a full-service manufacturing business that creates replacement parts for different machines. We cater to woodworking businesses throughout the nation and overseas. With our help, you can enhance your company in many ways. For example, we provide our commercial clients with top-quality machines and business improvement services. Our knowledgeable team is committed to providing you the best customer service, as well.

Meet Our Owner

Chris Huggins is the owner of our part and machine building company. Since 1997, he has helped us provide our commercial customers with quality products and services. Chris is skilled in many areas, including the wood industry. He has hands-on experience in remanufacturing operations and working with Diehl and Weinig molders, industrial FJS-25, 3470, SSS-10, IWS-10, and 3870 finger jointers, 3550 and 3519 assembly machines, and O'Brien and Wynot finger jointers.

In the past, Chris has installed all kinds of woodworking equipment and parts. He has put in short block chains on industrial FJS-25 and 3470 machines and single chain conversation on O'Brian and Western Pneumatics, Inc. jointers. Chris was also the first professional to convert FJS-25s to a 10.5" extreme swing and design a scoring saw system for their jointers.

Besides the experience stated above, Chris also is also an expert on Turner-model and Ferrari resaws, Portland Iron Works, Mid-Oregon and Tri-State rip saws, and Mereen Russel continuous radiofrequency presses. He has the capability to grind knives by hand and by using profile grinders. Moreover, he has worked with automatic grinders for molder and finger joint heads. He has 2 years of experience in running base coats and pre-finishes and refitting molding and finger plants as well.

Large Machine

Development and Design

Throughout the years, Chris has developed all types of parts. He created the 1/4" joint for Ace Company and many other businesses. He has built a feed-through molder and engineered plant layout. Additionally, he's designed complete plants (plane, rip, cut, finger joint, resaw, and molder) for Pino Exporta in Durango, Mexico, cutlines for Bright Wood Corporation, Woodgrain Millwork Inc, and Foreign and Domestic Wood Inc, and automated molder feed systems for Bright Wood Corporation and Can-Am Millwork Ltd.