Helping Your Business Succeed

For superior wood moldings and related products, Ziegelmeyer is an excellent choice. We offer personalized consulting, seminar, and training services to companies in the millwork industry. By working with us, you'll get the guidance and support you need to increase your customer base, sales, and more. Our team will also work around your schedule, so you'll be able to take advantage of our services when you need them.


Boost your company's production and efficiency by consulting with us. Our advisors can work with any client to help their business thrive. When you turn to our qualified consultants, we'll come to your facility and review your machinery, layout, process, and process requirements. We'll then advise you on how to improve them.


While we're at your location, allow us to inspect your production equipment and lines. We offer on-site inspections to make sure your machinery is working correctly. Our professionals have the ability to check all of your machines' components. If they need simple or comprehensive modifications, we'll be happy to complete them for you. We'll finish everything correctly before we leave your site.


If you're looking for a more hands-on way of improving your organizations production requirements and efficiency, hire us to host seminars at your location. We provide comprehensive finger joint operations meetings. These sessions are designed to involve your jointer operator, maintenance personnel, foremen and women, and management team.

When your staff attends our seminars, they'll be provided manuals to teach them different operation lessons. We'll also provide them over 30 computerized drawings of setup procedures. These drawings will depict procedures for setting joints, grinding heads, and more.


Our professionals can show any crew how to operate our woodworking machinery and other tools. By hiring us, you'll be able to train new and veteran employees on different types of equipment. We'll work with each worker one on one. Our experts will also work side by side with your operator, sharing our accumulated knowledge in the millwork industry.